Ugliness is your beauty

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Stop lying. You hide from me. Hide from us. You deprive us of your gifts, power, lights. You say you’re powerless but that’s a lie.

You have so much power if you will take the risk to be powerful. If you will claim the power of honesty. If you will show yourself, you can lead in vulnerability.

Look at Casey, what does he say? “They could never make me lonelier than I am every night.” Feel his power and transparency, his vulnerability. The truth. …


It is basically impossible to understand America in 2021. In Graft we will use the San Francisco of 1906 to try to help us understand.

Trump and his cronies have committed outrageous crimes, stolen money, enriched themselves, caused suffering, and apparently colluded with our enemies. Will anything be done? Do criminal acts have consequences for the powerful? Are we going to just “move on” and try to pretend all is normal?

The Pandemic is still not over. The death counts continue to mount. Even as we get vaccinated, we are left with conspiracy theories, hostility, confrontations. No one is untouched…

Every morning starts with endless possibility and fresh starts.

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He woke with the dread of emptiness upon him, with a feeling of being stuck in the world.

He woke hungry and went into the kitchen.

He woke in the middle of the night and felt he could not go back to sleep — could not wake.

He felt that this was his life, this place stuck between living and dying.

This work without purpose.

He thought about his father and felt his life was work without purpose, just the purpose of providing.

How was that enough for him, he wondered. In any case, it wasn’t enough for his mother.

A riff on So Much Water So Close to Home by Raymond Carver.

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“He saw her in the river. They all did,” she said.

“They didn’t do anything about it.”

“They fished. Around the body.”

“But she was already dead.”

“Yes,” she said and took a sip of bourbon.

He picked at his plate. “But they didn’t eat the fish.”

“I think so.”

“But they didn’t fish near the dead girl.”

“That’s not the point. … the point is they had their camping trip. They didn’t call the cops. Not for days.”

“But they did call. And they didn’t eat the fish near the body.”

“You’re a funny woman,” she said, finishing her…

Amazon’s Nick Pepper on what you need to do in your teaser and pilot

Here’s Nicholas Pepper, head of studio creative content for Amazon, formerly president of Legendary Television and Digital Content, talking to Roadmap Writers’ Joey Tuccio on what makes an affective teaser. This was part of Roadmap’s Master Lecture Series.

A teaser is both a remarkable opportunity to demonstrate your voice and vision and what makes your take on this material yours versus anyone else’s; and a teaser should tease. It should get us excited to watch the rest of the episode.

The teaser is the opportunity to…

The stinging fingers of memory curl into me

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The closet you took me into … the school I sat in … the office you called me to … the door you unlocked … the closet filled with basketballs and gymnastics mats and weights … the ping pong table folded up you leaned me into … the look in your eyes and the confusion swirling … your cloying broad lips and the closely shaved whiskers and the way your tie knotted .. and the gold watch on your wrist that reached out for me … and touched me … the way my body was a board against the table…

Variations on an interlude

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In a dark alley, drunk, wandering down
the street, windows open. Hot summer
night. Girls wearing almost nothing, the booze-
car screaming down the street, hoots from the bar.

it’s 2 am.

stumbling, thinking, scrawling
poetry. look at his image
in the window, surprised at his scrawly
shape, his drawn eyes, hollowed cheeks. he has to
slump against the brick wall, takes out some scraps
of paper, scrawling some poetry when

he feels her eyes she is —
leather jacket, skirt and tattooed legs.
her eyes are big and brown. …

Notes from Stage32’s workshop with Netflix exec Christopher Mack

Watch the workshop on-demand for free

Variety write-up

Chris’ bio on LinkedIn

What Netflix wants in seven steps

First, Netflix Essentials

Character is (just a little) more important than plot.

Viewers develop relationships with characters, not plot.

Engagement depends on whether the audience relates to the character and understands their motivations.

Your job is to make characters interesting, not likable. Get us interested in what they’re doing and then we’ll like them.

Tease ’em at the start.

The audience subconsciously decides to watch a show within the first five seconds.

A good teaser gives the audience a sense who the…

Old dangers, like ghosts, linger in the walls.

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When I walk in the door, here I am. My parents, sitting at the table, as always, the candles and the white tablecloth and the silver and the wine glasses. And there he is, despite my entreaties, pleas, you bring him into our home.

He smiles at me with the sickening smile of the spiritual leader. He has fooled everyone, fooled you, even fooled my memory sometime. In my dreams he comes to me and tells me it’s a fantasy, an imaginary trauma derived of my own twisted imagination, my deep dark id, my own wrongness. Born wrong. …

Questions for the Chiefs and the Bills

Chiefs -3/OU 54

RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Can Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes play Sunday?

He practiced under a concussion protocol with limited work and no contact Wednesday, coach Andy Reid reported.

In other words, of course he will, as Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White put it.

“This is the AFC championship, this is the game to go to the Super Bowl; we know all their best players are going to be out there. We’re preparing for Mahomes to be there, which we know he will.”

How serious is Bills’ rookie receiver Gabriel Davis’ ankle injury?

He did briefly return to the game in the Bills’ victory over the Ravens after leaving but did not practice on Wednesday, so even if he does…

Richard Koman

The work is to re-travel the path towards evil. To uncover the outrageous fortune that leads some to the heart of darkness. To see what cracks may open.

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