Richard Koman

I feel like I want to say some things about science and voluntary vaccination. Nothing that hasn’t been said before or better but in any case …

Scientific agreement happens in the aggregate. That is, studies are conducted, at increasing scales, the results are analyzed, results and conclusions are published…


It is basically impossible to understand America in 2021. In Graft we will use the San Francisco of 1906 to try to help us understand.

Trump and his cronies have committed outrageous crimes, stolen money, enriched themselves, caused suffering, and apparently colluded with our enemies. Will anything be done? Do…

Variations on an interlude

Photo by Henri Pham on Unsplash

In a dark alley, drunk, wandering down
the street, windows open. Hot summer
night. Girls wearing almost nothing, the booze-
car screaming down the street, hoots from the bar.

it’s 2 am.

stumbling, thinking, scrawling
poetry. look at his image
in the window, surprised at his scrawly
shape, his drawn eyes, hollowed cheeks…

Richard Koman

is somewhat confused, overly questioning, intensely connecting, mysteriously defined, locked in a time and place unknowable and perfectly defined.

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