Ace of Cups

A journey, a forest, a staircase, a door, brings Gen into revelation.

She found an experience of transformation.
She waded into the water, through the lilies, the mud
soft under her feet, squishing between her toes. The lilies
beckoned her, opened for her, led her into the center of the pond, no
pond but an ocean until the winds blew strong and the insight was revealed —

The golden cup aloft in the sky, four fountains of water
pouring down upon her. She stands between them, the four
streams surrounding her. Four streams
of rebellion

You need to know that I am — touched, capable
of seeing this cup, this symbol, the delivery of the sign from Heaven.
I am one who sees, one who is protected.

I am in the receptivity of the cup. I am of the cup.
The forces of nature, water-wind-sky, come together to receive from
a Bird, a messenger of heaven and to pour forth into the cycle of the world.

+ is the symbol of four winds,
of heaven and earth, the four
directions meeting in a center point,
a crossroads.

The waters will pour over me.

My difference, my unusual demeanor, my seeming
un-humanness. A ghost,
a shadow, translucent white or glistening black.
My family of origin is unknown.
I’m seeking them. My journey is both
the one mission I was given and the one
mission I choose. They come together.

There are four forces I must collect, must be
the gathering point. I know I cannot survive in this form
the power of these forces. I dedicate myself,
surrender myself.

The forces stream out into the world,
become one with the ocean again. I am
hungry to receive the blessing of birds,
become one
with the spirits beyond and



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Richard Koman

is somewhat confused, overly questioning, intensely connecting, mysteriously defined, locked in a time and place unknowable and perfectly defined.