America is not a white country

White people have no inherent right to be the dominant occupiers of America. What our ancestors took can be taken. There is no ancestral heritage, no national identity — only the struggle of the English and the French and the Spanish to take over a great largely unoccupied (to them) land. The idea of the white American ancestor is the idea of the conqueror, who took lands by force, entered into sham treaties, built the trail of tears, invented reservations, and committed genocide by infectious disease.

The idea of the white American ancestor is the slave trader, the plantation owner, the whip man, the lady of the house with her servants, the Southerners hanging strange fruit in the trees.

The idea of the white American ancestor is the miner who raped the land, ripped open the hills, sent children into cold streams to pick gold, who used those riches to build the factories in which white and black and Chinese workers were human machines, who were discarded or shot when they protested.

To be white in the 21st century is to find a way to push back against the heavy winds of history, to make amends or undo injustice, to seek to widen the benefits of America in contravention of racism and religious prejudice and sexism.

Immigration law is the way in which the idea of white America is promulgated. But there is no moral basis for white control of America — the English beat the Spanish at their own game. That’s spoils not moral imperative.

For Laura Ingraham to call asylum seeking white genocide is at insult to those whose ancestors were actually murdered because of their DNA and skin color and religious culture is beyond insulting. When it was white America who actually brought immoral genocide to these shores, white America that engaged in the immoral genocide (through torture, hard labor, murder) of African slavery and the long period of lynchings, white America that immorally turned its back on many Jews and others seeking escape from the Nazi genocide …

Now white America gives up on its resistance to its immoral and outrageous history, embraces concentration camps, rolls tanks through the capital city, yields all compassion and empathy to children, enriches itself through misery and calls the resistance treachery and genocide.

Open borders? Why not? The borders themselves nothing more than lines on a map drawn by colonialists, conquerors and liars.

The work is to re-travel the path towards evil. To uncover the outrageous fortune that leads some to the heart of darkness. To see what cracks may open.

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